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Falling Wayback by SFWoWR.com
Yeah we ended up getting lost in the internet archives.  It happens.  We know how you feel now if you've ever done the same.  If not, then come closer our friend.  This here post is just a snippet about this kinda thing so you too can have a peak to pique your interest.  It all started when we got a bit nosey and decided to look Wayback at some of these online snapshots just to see what the house of Street Fighter was up to during those early days.  More specifically, we were hunting for the official site of its arcade division.  The first entry that we tripped over was archived by Wayback Machine for Capcom's main site which starts at December 22, 1996.  Here you can branch off to 4 sibling sites including Capcom Coin-Op (12-20-96), Capcom Entertainment (09-09-2001), Capcom of Japan (12-06-98), and Capcom Asia (12-05-98).  Though, if you follow the link trail, it switches to its Capcom's domain on page click.  However, the Asia branch actually used to be part of asiaonline.net with a "/capcom" at the end of the address.  Try to type in the first part of that domain now and you'll be directed to omniscien.com which is a company about A.I!  Woah.  S.I.N confirmed?  Neat!  Another quirky discovery was that streetfighter.com wasn't owned by Capcom up till around mid 2008.  From Dec 22, 1997 the site was host to a team of consultants called Street Fighter Marketing.  A business based out of Ohio that, at one time, was run by Jeff and Matt Slutsky.  Of course by now that business' site has moved to another address and the last time it was displayed on WayB on streetfighter.com was March 3, 2007.  But guess which page pops up after that date?  That's right!  A site about horses!  The Natural Horse Magazine loads up on streetfighter.com come May 11, 2008 and we wonder how the hado or why that is!  Maybe it was a crawling mistake or the equestrian publlication was interested into REALLY taking some of those showcased horses into "ranked tournaments"* (*btw sfwowr does not condone horse on horse violence)  Or perhaps they wanted to purchase the domain strictly from a profitable standpoint in the future.  Either way, 2008 might have been a good year for Capcom to finally pay up for that streetfighter.com domain considering the title they were dropping on the world that July.  We could go on, but this is just an appetizer of some of the morsels you may find falling down the well of Wayback wonderland.  You can keep clicking forward on the snapshot timeline if you really want to dive in yourself on each page.  Even if some of the sites have a language you may be unfamiliar with they can mostly be translated on google to get you by. Just poked our heads up with this light post because we're still down that rabbit hole ourselves, so we might see ya over there unless our Netscape Navigator starts acting up.


Street Fighter Alpha The Movie (1-24-2001 to 10-04-2005)
It is now a site called Street Fighter Alpha Fitness

Capcom's Nickel City (08-15-2001)

Just to show a few!
Let us know any others you find here or hit us up on Twitter or Instagram!

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  Upgrades is an outstanding tale by the veteran fanfic writer Major Mario.  A story that details a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of S.I.N, but more importantly, the power grab for the superior tech that gives the organization its unique edge.  Overseen by the android known as Seth, there is a greater plan in the works, all the while Juri Han and Crimson Viper have their own agendas regarding the future of these deadly upgrades.

Below is an excerpt from the story:

  When she heard about it from Crimson Viper, the Korean's initial reaction was to scoff. In a secluded research facility located in the middle of nowhere, rumors and conjecture were easily passed about. Every scientist had something to talk or boast about, and every guard had something to grumble about. Eventually something would be picked up and passed around, but the odds of it being interesting were very low for Juri, who hardly ever mingled in exasperating scientific affairs. However, the rumor that Seth was planning a new line of projects that involved her was not something to be ignored.

Click here to continue to the Prologue ->


If you wish to read some of Major Mario's newest works, here are a few to get you started!

Heart in Seoul - Prologue

Rising Dragons

Spectre in the Eye C1

Also be sure to check out Major Mario on all their platforms!  He's open for commissions to write original stories, so if you are interested then please reach out.
DeviantArt -  Twitter  -  Fanfiction.Net - Ao3

Check out the amazing Fighting Game Glossary by Infil if you want to know all about the many terms used in FG gameplay!
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  Street Fighter: Talking to the Man in the Shadows is a short fanfic about just one moment in time where Ryu struggles with his inner demon while trying to meditate.  CrystalChimera nails the concept that, despite his calm demeanor, the darker side of his mind has a personality all its own, tempting him to embrace damnation with the promise of greater strength.  Considering this is something that Ryu's had to deal with on a regular basis, it's no wonder he remains as level-headed as he possibly can, at all times, lest he gives in to a path where nothing, but power and bloodlust rule his future.

As the author states at the beginning of their story:
"Based off a comment found on the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition cinematic intro where someone wrote "I don't think meditation is working out for Ryu" or  something.  I thought it was pretty funny so I wrote this. Enjoy!"

Below is an excerpt from the story:

A unnatural chill went down Ryu's spine as one of the candles fire began to sway erratically. Ryu's mindspace slowly became corrupted by a unholy darkness. It was there, within the center of the dark clouds did the intruder make himself known. "I knew you'd come." Ryu said blankly. His evil double grinned, sharps fangs well in sight. "I knew you'd summon me."

Click here to continue to the full story ->


CrystalChimera is also an artist! Check out their website and their DeviantArt page!
You can also find them on Twitter here!
And lastly, if you really dig what they do be sure to check out their Patreon page!

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  A terrific tale by MysticDeadman of Edmond Honda reminiscing on his early days of his one true love; Sumo.  Touching upon past struggles of his dimunitive size and the bullying of his seniors, MysticDeadman expertly gives you a glimpse of the experiences that would one day shape the young sportsman into becoming the mighty man known as E.Honda!  On the verge of taking his strength and talents to the stage of the world warrior tournament, E.Honda looks back to remind himself of where he began to soldify his resolve of where he's going; to bring his beloved sumo to new heights in the eyes and in the hearts of everyone around the world.  DOSUKOI!

Here's a brief intro to the story:

Salt This Ring, Salt This Heart 

The whirring of machinery in the almost unnecessarily large elevator room felt monotonous. Droning. 
Edmond Honda closed his eyes as the platform he stood on rose. 
It’s taken a lot of work to get here, he thought, more than I ever imagined, even as a kid. Even then, I thought I was ready. 
The turning of gears were eventually accompanied by another sound, though this one was very faint to start. He smiled as he closed his eyes, taking in the barely audible sound of cheering. 
Man, I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved that sound…

Continue to full story ->

(You can also find MysticDeadman on their Twitter, Instagram, DeviantArt, FanFiction, and YouTube)
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Rose Has Gotta Get Back in Time

EventHubs Reporter Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills article states their opinion on time travel involving the character Rose that could tease a new possibility (or a lot of questions) for the SF franchise both for the future and what has already occured in the past.  The concept of her time-hopping connects to Rose's intro video released by the offical Street Fighter Youtube channel.  Below is just a brief snippet of the article by Dakota that you can jump to the full thing here

Rose apparently already time traveled in the past and is part of a time loop according to Capcom's character introduction for Street Fighter 5 
My brain hurts already

Rose's new redesign in Street Fighter 5 has made the character the most interesting she's ever been in terms of the tools available at her disposal, but that's not the only intriguing thing about the fortune teller this time around. 
Capcom has released Rose's official character introduction guide that showcases all of her special abilities, but also answers some questions from the development team that appears to confirm she's already time traveled in the past.

Continue to full article ->

(Also check out Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills on their Twitter if you like what they're putting down!)
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  A blog by Steven Mane that provides outstanding theories to the lore of Street Fighter.  Steven is a Chicago-based voice actor and writer that has profound love for SF and it certainly shows in his posts.  Outside of his own personal opinions, Steven backs up a lot of the theories he presents with numerous examples to connect plot threads that reveal some marvelous food for thought on the deeper story of Street Fighter.  Until Capcom says otherwise, we are grateful to enjoy sites like this that tickle our intrigue on what's canon.  So if you want a blog that gives potential meaning to all of the action that takes place in your favorite fighting game then this is one you don't want to miss!

You can also find him on Twitter @StevenManeVox 

Here is the first paragraph to Part 1 of his latest post that you can check out on Mane Street:

Rose & G: From Zero

In my last theory, I explained what my research led me to conclude about what Rose’s story mode told me about what G’s ultimate plan would be. She wanted to prevent him from ever getting the chance to unleash it by reaching into the past to save the future. However, I lamented that there wasn’t really a point in time she could return to, unless she was planning to stop Bison at the time he got his power. This would rely on a number of things, and would require G to have been present when Bison received his Psycho Power. Basically, a lot would have to happen, and it just wasn’t clear why Rose thought “returning to zero” was the only way to save the world and, potentially, the universe.

Continue reading the article ->
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  A wonderful fan story written by DarkerAcolyte about a young Ken Masters prior to the very first Street Fighter.  Delicately crafted to include canon ties to his existing history and logically embellishes upon Ken's early journey of how "he slowly begins to transform from a self absorbed brat into a mighty World Warrior."  If you want to read something that could fit very well into the fabric of Street Fighter lore this is the tale for you. No punches are pulled in this 12 chapter story that's indeed a love letter to the character himself and how Ken Masters found his path.

An excerpt from Chapter 1

That night, a letter was sent to Japan. Megumi had not seen Gouken in decades, not since she was a young lawyer and he a man in his early thirties. But they had exchanged the occasional letter over the years, and from them she had learned that the promising pupil she had known in her youth was now the master of his former sensei's dojo. A long while ago the man had offered her a favor in gratitude for her advocacy on his behalf, and now she saw fit to call it in. 
A week and a half later, she received a response. Gouken's writing was simple yet elegant, his calligraphy more beautiful than that of the Masters wedding coordinator, and they had hired the best. It impressed Megumi that someone who was such an expert in the martial arts could be so skilled at the finer ones as well. 
As for the text of the letter, it was straight and to the point, a simple reply to her long appeal. But Megumi expected nothing else. The Gouken she had known never used more words than necessary. 
"I will teach him. Send him to me."

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ZANGIEF's Char page updated! Click the image or read below for a quick peak!
  "The long-time big grappler of the Street Fighter series, Zangief "The Red Cyclone" is the Russian wrestler on the roster that has spun his way into the hearts of fans and nearly every title in the franchise. As one of the physically strongest warriors, he frequently dominates his opponents using that raw strength, as well as some of the most uncanny grapples, to make him one iron-muscled opponent you never want to get close to. Though he may have borrowed the double lariat from the ground breaking Mike Haggar, his playstyle has set the tone for almost every fighting game wrestler that has followed thereafter. A loyalist to his country, "the Gief" always shows great pride in his unwavering patriotism and in his unstoppable strength. It doesn't matter if you think he's a good or a bad guy, because with that "invincible muscle power," he'll make sure you properly respect him when he locks on that mighty spinning pile driver."

  "B-bitter cold. Gor'kiy." Taking a swig from his flask the heavily-dressed man paused to let the hard liquor roll down his throat. Like a magical elixir sending a warm sensation spreading through his chest, he welcomed the small comfort in contrast to the freezing conditions of the inclement weather. Quickly screwing the top on, lest the snow falls inside, he slid the slim canteen back in his jacket pocket before resting his thick gloved hand on a long rifle. The warm feeling the spirit gave him already starting to dwindle away from the overwhelming cold, "Dæm ɪt! This is ridiculous." Pulling the rifle closer, so he could fold his arms across his shivering body he swore once more when he realized his collar had collected some snowflakes to share with the skin on the back of his neck. "Gah! There is no respite from it! Hours now and not even a volosy of him to be seen! 'Everyday he comes here,' he says. Everyday?! How you know? You come out HERE everyday, comrade? Would like to s-see that, you lenivyy ublyudok!" Regaining his composure he shivered slightly as he pulled the collar tightly around his neck tucking it under the thermal mask. "Yeah ublyudok, right... Who's the one sitting in cold like dumb dog?"  With shoulder leaning against a dwarf pine he looked over to the small tree line next to the mountain's base visually scanning the area hoping to catch any sight of his quarry that had yet to appear. Nothing but rock, bare trees, bushes, and snow. Big surprise. Same thing he'd been looking at all day like a half-frozen fool. The occassional branch cracking and clumped snow falling, the muffled gale passing through the spaces inbetween wood and stone which incessantly whistled like an aggravating reminder of the unforgiving chill in the air. It's like even the wind was audibly telling him he didn't belong here. "Wasn't he supposed to send a specialist for this? Aд, haven't hunted since I was child." A deep growl blasted right next to him in a rush of steam. The sound sent a startling shock to his nerves as the surprise caught him totally off guard. Quicker than he thought he could, his survival reaction caused him to dive forward into a frantic desperate crawl away from the horrible sound. On instinct he whipped his head around to see its origin, causing him to stop in his tracks, and then immediately wished he hadn't done either.  

Go to Zangief's page to see the rest ->
Street Fighter V - Season 5 Premium/Character Passes

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  According to the Steam page located here,
the Character Pass and Premium Pass each features the following:

Season 5 Character Pass - Includes Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira, and the (tba) fifth mystery character. Each coming with a premium Battle Costume, a Special Title and their Default Color Packs of Colors 3 thru 10.

Season 5 Premium Pass - Includes 26 new costumes, 2 stages, 8 titles, and all the 5 characters' color packs for story/default/battle as well as 100,000 Fight Money for purchasing other items in-game.

  A brand new stage is also being given freely to all players, with or without the passes, called The Grid Alternative!

  On top of all that, there's also yet another "character" that has been added as bonus content for this update!  Eleven, the artificial humanoid before SF3's Twelve, joins the Street Fighter V warriors as a mimic character to mix up the competition! Providing a unique feature that randomly transforms itself into any fighter you have on your roster enables Eleven to duplicate every move of that character while retaining its own color scheme. 

  Don't click off us just yet! There's just one final course of news to serve and that's about an all new mechanic the fightin'-crazy folks over at Capcom's Street Fighter HQ are adding for us players to sink our teeth into called, ""V-Shift,”   Now if you used V-Reversal before you already have an idea of what this V-Shift can do. What a V-Shift, essentially is, is a V-Reversal but you do not need to be blocking to activate. It still requires one bar of V-Guage to be used, but it can be done at any time. According to an article on Gamespot "in the middle of a combo, to break free from throws, to dodge projectiles, or to extend or interrupt combos" This new mechanic also slows down time and provides a few extra frames of invincibilty when used. There's even a way to perform what they're calling a V-Shift-Break that "can extend an attack's range or break through an enemy's combo chain"! Of course there will be an overall rebalancing to the system for this new element being implemented and we cannot WAIT to see how it turbo charges the combat!

  The first bit of content for this Season has dropped, so go pick it up just in case they decide to pull a V-Shift themselves and raise that price before you slam it into your cart!
Click on the SFV Steam link to go its page or the Playstation Store one to be directed there.
TILL DEC 1 @ 10 AM (PT)
A ton of games are on sale right now on Steam!  Here's a quick list of some of the Capcom fighting hits:
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Dec 1 @ 10 AM Pacific Time is the end of the final round, so go give some thanks to your favorite title by picking it up on Steam while the sale still lasts!
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TILL NOV 16, 2020 @ 10 AM (PT)
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Capcom fighting games are on sale right now on Steam!  Here's a quick list of some of the hits:
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Nov. 16 @ 10 AM Pacific Time is the end of the final round, so go support your favorite title by picking it up on Steam while the sale still lasts!
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High Five to the School of Rivals

  Thanks to the announcement of Season 5 of Street Fighter V there have been 5 new characters spotlighted for its coming seasonal updates!  One of those remains anonymous at the moment, but the 4 that we know of has us here at SFWoWR charged like a Lvl 3 Super! Here's a brief rundown for ya:
 First announced was the lovable buffoon, Dan who is the sensei and practitioner of the Saikyo style school of martial arts. Rolling in with tears of joy he brings all that Hibiki personality to the SFV battlefield!
 Second, was the mysterious and enchanting soul-powered Rose who joins her apprentice Menat as part of the roster. She's bringing the fight back to evil while teaching a few lessons to her protégé (and her opponents) along the way!
 Next, was the reveal of a character who was last playable in a phenomenal title named Street Fighter 3: Third Strike!  Making his return from way back in 1999, a secondary sensei to Ryu and the ancient hermit of incredible might is the man called Oro!
 And definitely the biggest surprise for us was of a character from a fighting series, circa ~20 years ago, called Rival Schools!  The massive fan favorite Akira Kazama rides her way in to the Street Fighter universe! A commanding fighter of few words, but is without a doubt as tough as they come!
 Currently, there are a only few details about what the unknown character will have included. We'll just have to wait for the identity when the official announcement pops up on the social radar one day.

All of these future characters, of 3 teachers and 1 student, are Parry exciting!  We're especially interested in the inclusion of the student, Akira Kazama, for the tantalizing theories of how the Street Fighter Universe will expand.  This milestone hints that Rival Schools will now (seemingly) become canon to the overall story.  In the past, Sakura was the only SF character to have crossed over to that title though it remained uncertain if her appearance was officially canon.  Now that we have Akira ready to bust in with this main series' season 5 update, it looks like School is finally going to be in session.

Spike the Canon

  "A consistently debated topic for years among SF fans is what exactly is canon in its universe.  There are so many great different variations and endings with each game it can be a puzzling task to draw a straight line from one outcome to another.  Thankfully, we've been fortunate in the past to get official updates from time to time on what are the sanctioned titles and endings within them that hold true for the main plotline.  But despite this there are still a lot of questions we have that sees many of us fans theorizing on which story elements stick in the franchise.  What most agree upon, however, is that the games themselves dictate what is official in the main plot, since Street Fighter is first and foremost a video game in its original medium.  This then crosses out what is included in comics, shows, movies, ovas, etc. making those non-canon examples, but are still enjoyable alternate takes on the characters and events.  Another safe general rule is that the latest version of a particular title is usually the one that is considered canon to the overall tale.  Now we would be remiss if we didn't mention as well, that on the flipside, for those in it just for casual enjoyment, there's absolutely no problem looking at each game as its own standalone story for the player's personal experience.  It's not necessary at all to be well-versed in the lore to enjoy Street Fighter, so don't worry if you are not.  But if you're curious Challengers like us, we here at SFWoWR (hundred hand) slapped together a very basic list of what we believe can be accepted as base canon. Would someone play through these for the first time they could get a very general idea of the story of Street Fighter from the game universe perspective."


Main Story Game Chronology

  "That's it!  Not too bad, hunh?  Of course in order to fully appreciate the entire progression it's recommended to eventualy play all the games.  You'll get an added Bonus Round of enjoyment when you see and feel how each title has progressed from the previous one through the years.  Then you're really getting the full experience fellow warrior!  But gameplay or story, whichever you fancy, come join us!  There's always room for more friends in Street Fighter and we'd love to have ya!"

[extra info]
Thanks to the official induction of characters from the Final Fight Series, Street Fighter doesn't actually start the list of games in its chronology. Mike Haggar's wrestling days, before he retired, in Saturday Night Slam Masters predates the 1st Street Fighter Tournament in their shared history.

"If anything here has been officially added or changed by Capcom and we missed it please contact us here or here."
A Generation still Generating Fighters

  "We wanted to take a moment and drop a quarter about a site we have been fond of for a bit.  It's a wee place out there on the internet called The Fighter's Generation.  If you're a fan of fighting games we would be (electric)shocked if you hadn't at least heard of it and realize how jokingly inaccurate we're being when we say it's little - It's a BIG one!  A smidge of bts (behind-the-scenes) info we'd like to share about our relation to it is, to our great (dizzying)shame, we didn't get the chance to see or interact with TFG when it first started.  We totally missed the boat and like chumps already discontinued our small (shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as TFG) original site right before it came around. However, a little over 2 years ago we happened upon it and we're very glad we did."
"Though it took a few months later from a variety of influences it is definitely one of the initial inspirations for us coming back to revive our own fan site.  Having backread through TFG articles we can tell the passion that Admin. Frank Joseph has for the fighting genre is consistently maximum.  And he's been keeping up this creativity and commitment for over 20 YEARS!   So he has no doubt inspired many many fans throughout that time.  The site's character pages even loosely inspired us to evolve ours from what they were in the past.  But TFG's character pages have a TON more content than our sampler ones.  They're worth checking out if you want to move beyond the little low-spoiler bits we give you.  This is all just barely scratching the surface too!  We're not going to be able to do the site justice with the room in this post, so we recommend you check it out to see for yourself.  Bookmark it if you're a pal!  See you next time, champ!"
[extra info]
Another name for the owner of TFG's Frank Joseph is "Mr. Yagami"
As well as an avid fighting game player, he is also a long-time practitioner of the martial arts.
A 6 Step Combo for the Future-Past

  "Welcome, fighter! Today is a general post about how we at SFWoWR like to get ourselves good and Hyper before playing any game that is from a gen system we're not familiar with. You can apply these steps to old school SF as well as any game you want to focus on. Is it necessary? No, but it's just a fun habit we'd like to share. With so many wonderful titles coming out all the time, there are others who haven't got the chance yet to try some of the classics and we'd like to give you a taste of the past. This little setup is not just to enjoy an old game someone referred to you or for curiosity's sake, but also because, in a way, you can project your thoughts back in time. Heavy stuff! Now even if you don't end up fully understanding the experience it's okay. It's the effort to appreciate the game you want to try that counts. With these easy steps as a jumping off point along with that wonderful imagination of yours, you can make this journey as long and as detailed as you wish, but we're going to give you a Turbo fast process to blaze through it. You ready, time traveler? Ok!"  
1. Find out what year the particular game came out. [Wikipedia] 
2. Look up the top music (songs) for that year. [Billboard Top 100] 
3. Throw one on or a playlist of them in the background while you look up the next step. 
4. Find a most basic list of what was hot that year in movies, tv, news, fashion, food, toys, merchandise, etc. and just skim it. It's fine to just look at the pics. And it's more than ok to laugh or cringe. Even those of us who were there can chuckle at some of it too. 
5. Next hit the search for that game (watch out for spoilers, warrior!) and look solely for what would be the predecessor of that title. [As an example, one game that could be a parental influence to the original Street Fighter (1987) was Karate Champ (1984).]  
6. Finally, once you found it then put it's name into YouTube (might want to pause that old music you're jamming to) and take a glance at a gameplay clip of it. 
  "That's it! You now have a primed mindset to try something out of your usual time table. When you play the game whether you liked it or not, hey, you gave it its due. And guess what? This can also work for older folks who want to try getting in the mindset for newer games! Then old and young will be enjoying each others fondness and memories for gaming. And that sounds just Perfect to us."
  "If you decided to try out our 6 step Combo and liked it let us know here! Or through our secondary e-mail here. We'd be thrilled to hear from ya!"
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Contact SFWoWR.com Webmaster
[extra info]
These steps can also be used for, not just games, but for any type of media you wish to swap in and out like movies, tv shows, books, etc.  Just alter it to your preference.
Street Fighter Compendium

  "A new tome with 253 pages of detailed history and info, regarding everything Street Fighter from the games to the many types of media it has graced over the years. This is an unofficial book about our favorite fighting game franchise published by Trevor "Slateman" Esposito (who we know and love from SFGalleries and The Sigil of Slateman). Take a peak at some of the sample pages he has up on the book's site here. Don't worry, the link opens in a New Tab. Go ahead! We'll wait. .... ....Saw them? Whew. Don't know about you, but that is some tempting content ready to have us breathe flame and lock a hold onto it for the reading! You can tell with just this publication alone that he is a Super(Turbo)fan of the highest order. Maybe even one of the top ones in the world. For that we tip our headband to you dear Slateman. If anything we wish someone over at Capcom would see that spirit and give you a call. The publicity for more Street Fighter in any form is always a Plus in our book."
[extra info]
The phenomenal cover art to his book was done by Rusty Shackles. [instagram]
"Coming back is one of the old Street Fighter shrine fan sites from 1997! Here at SFWoWR we will sometimes carry the occasional updated news and some fan art edits, but what we're really focused on is giving props to anyone who shows love to Street Fighter. We are immense fans of ANYBODY who adds to the SF community and will proudly showcase their work on the frontpage here. As a novelty, we hope to be something of a fan hub to all our friends, that we see as family, who love Street Fighter. In the meantime, there's a lot of catching up to do with so much content to retrieve, edit, and post that we can hardly contain ourselves, but we'll get there...one Round at a time."