There are 3 people who make up SFWoWR:

The Lover
Everything that you read on this site, on one of our social media platforms, or may eventually hear, is all done by this individual.  Yes, me, the one who typed this.  The most versed out of the 3 in lore, who also does just a little bit of the grunt site work, I happen to genuinely love people, especially those who like Street Fighter and its branch titles.  As the mouthpiece for the site, I speak for my 2 other partners at all times and I consult with them on everything regarding SFWoWR. I'm also always on the lookout to be friendly to fellow SF fans any chance I get, so feel free to say "Hi" to me anytime on Instagram or Twitter!

The Artist
A strong silent type who we think is a genius artist. Also happens to be the main architect for the site, as well as the editor of any visual on here that you see.  Gameplay-wise they are the best Street Fighter player out of the 3 of us. Often when we play against one another, our "Martial Artist" wipes the floor with both of us pretty soundly.  There were even Dramatic Battle moments in the past where they beat both of us at the same time much to our disbelief. Doesn't follow a lot of the lore besides the basics, but makes up for it in everything else, we consider this Admin of SFWoWR as the Ryu of our group.

The Vanguard
Silent benefactor, who is a very worldly person, they have the least interaction with the site in a hands-on capacity.  Despite the Artist and myself wanting to just split the site's cost 3 ways between us, our beloved Vanguard wanted to pay for it all because they didn't believe they'd have the time to actively work on it. A terrific person through and through, they are the most creative at ideas out of the 3 of us. Our Vanguard also has the best SF collection of merchandise among us three too. And honestly, the idea for this site coming back would not have been even considered without them suggesting it.  They ARE the Revival that reignited the spark of all that you see here.

Besides how close we are to one another we are very different in many ways, but there is one constant that brings us together even when we're busy with our lives and our full-time jobs - Street Fighter.  We would remain friends without it, but our friendship is made that much greater because of it since it was Street Fighter that originally brought us together some years ago in the first place.  Our goal, each of us hopes for, is that one day our little site will revive that feeling in someone else in kinda the same way.  Maybe it can remind you of the first moment you experienced SF or its siblings.  Was there a character that caught your eye when you saw this game?  Would you reminisce of memorable battles you fought while playing it; whether just for fun or some serious competition?  Did one of its titles frame experiences of the loved ones or friends and enemies you made and lost along the way in your life?  What moment in time connects you to this franchise that we cherish?  Ultimately, we hope this site reminds you of why it is you love Street Fighter and that the way you do is special just like you are. For that reason, we thank you for sharing in the celebration of that joyous feeling, fellow warrior. Thank you very much indeed!

- Sincerely,
SFWoWR (The Lover, The Artist, and The Vanguard

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