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Capcom - Official company that owns the Street Fighter franchise.  Also see

UDON Street Fighter Comics - The popular UDON series' site where you can see the fantastic art and story of this run of Street Fighter comics. Also see UDON Entertainment


Fighter's Generation - This site is a monster. Main focus is the art from official and non-official sources from a wide variety of fighting games, but the place also has a ton of good info too. Despite having been around from 1999-2000 it is still updated frequently by the focused and inspiring Mr. Yagami.

Mane Street - A blog by Steven Mane that provides outstanding theories to the lore of Street Fighter.  If you want a blog that gives potential meaning to all of the action that takes place in your favorite fighting game then this is one you don't want to miss!

Street Fighter Devotion - An established fan site that eventually partnered with the big dog Capcom itself on projects. They also hold the honor in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the largest Street Fighter collection in the world. Street Fighter Devotion is everything you could hope for in a Street Fighter fan site experience.

Street Fighter Galleries - All kinds of beautiful artwork to see here for every Street Fighter outing and then some! Owned and operated by the meticulous and hardworking Slateman. We are amazed at how much artwork they have either ripped or compiled from the world of SF! You should definitely check out his other sites too as well as his awesome book - Street Fighter Compendium.

Street Fighter Wiki - One of (if not) the largest Fandom Wiki about Street Fighter online. Over 3,000 pages worth of content. 

Street Fighter Sprites Wiki - A Street Fighter Wiki dedicated to mostly sprites and rips. So many awesome sprites.

ZWeiffuss - A fan site with Street Fighter III sprites and a cool character select you can use right on the page.


101SoundBoards - A Street Fighter II sound board here, but there's so much more beyond that.

Fighting Game Glossary - A site if you want to know all about the many terms used in FG gameplay!

SoundFXCenter - There are pages upon pages of sound fx for lots of games, shows, movies, etc.

Sprite Database - A huge collection of sprites from a multitude of consoles.

The Video Game Museum - This site has everything related to video games. If it doesn't it probably will eventually.

vg-resource - Wiki, Sprites, Models, Textures, Sounds, and Forum dedicated to ALL KINDS of video games.


Life Lessons - A wonderful fan story written by DarkerAcolyte about a young Ken Masters prior to the very first Street Fighter. Delicately crafted to include canon ties to his existing history and logically embellishes upon Ken's early journey of how "he slowly begins to transform from a self absorbed brat into a mighty World Warrior.

Salt This Ring, Salt This Heart - A terrific tale by MysticDeadman of Edmond Honda reminiscing on his early days of his one true love; Sumo.  Touching upon past struggles of his dimunitive size and the bullying of his seniors, MysticDeadman expertly gives you a glimpse of the experiences that would one day shape the young sportsman into becoming the mighty man known as E.Honda!

Street Fighter: Talking to the Man in the Shadows is a short fanfic about just one moment in time where Ryu struggles with his inner demon while trying to meditate.

Upgrades is an outstanding tale by the veteran fanfic writer Major Mario.  A story that details a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of S.I.N, but more importantly, the power grab for the superior tech that gives the organization its unique edge.


New Grounds Street Fighter LoA (Legend of Ansatsuken) - Adore this rpg flash game. Though it would be considered on the older side nowadays it's still worth a play for any Street Fighter fan. 


Cyberjack - Video Game Chronicles/Street Fighter

IGN Presents the History of Street Fighter

Retromags - The regular scanners and uploaders on the site are incredible! There are so many scans of video game mags to scratch that nostalgic itch. We pour over them ourselves looking for Street Fighter articles.


Personal Geocities Nostalgia - A little side project of backing up and recreating 2 fan sites from the days of Geocities around the year of '97.

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