STREET FIGHTER Website of the Wariors Revival Main Logo
STREET FIGHTER Website of the Wariors Revival Main Logo
STREET FIGHTER Website of the Wariors Revival Main Logo
An index of key navigation items on the site

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heartbeat frequency
HEADER (Top of every page)

Sticky Menu

This menu should always be stuck to the very top of the page and begin to follow along with you, if not right away then at latest, in the middle of your scrolling.  It contains the major sections of the site and a ^Top button that will lead you to the very top of any page that you are on.

SFWoWR Logo (or HOME)

On the header of every section of the site is its logo for you to click and go back to the Homepage whenever you'd like.

Title Menu (SF Content Divided Into Sections)

By clicking on any of the small logos on the header you can travel to the first title of its series and follow through them. VS/X Series, Other Appearances (Games they appeared in/cameo-ed), and Publications (Magazines, Articles, etc.) are also shown here.
"You can find the Games just as easily through the GAMES text link, but this is a more compartmentalized graphical journey if you're just in it for the relaxing browse through them."

FANS (All Fan Related Street Fighter Content Showcased on the Site)

A page where all fan related content is sectioned off into a variety of categories. Every one of them has been spotlighted on the front page at one time or another.

"Our personal favorite section on the site that shows off the creativity of all our wonderful siblings in the Street Fighter fandom family!"

GAMES (All Street Fighter Related Games)

You'll find a search form with every Street Fighter related game.
"On each dedicated game page you'll find a uniform structure on each that we hope becomes easy to get used to right away. Each includes portraits laid out like character select screens, full credits, music, sound fx, and release dates with platforms. Media is also being linked in that will be game specific."

The Games pages also have a submenu that can Jump you to each section of the page.  Back to the Top links are nearby here as well to lead you back to it. Other Releases will lead you to the bottom of the page to show the other systems that game came out for.  Any system name in red is clickable and will lead you to the Systems page.


This section (as the intro paragraph says at the top of the page) has all manner of scans on publications, articles, or ads that mention Street Fighter will be posted here.  Could include a simple name drop or screenshot on a page all the way up to multi-page coverage.  "It is always updated daily with a scan or few, so be sure to come check it out often!"


An ever growing list of links that will point you to some really excellent pages if you're all about progressing your Street Fighter fixation.

Social Media Links

Other places online where we are currently active. If you want to follow us, like some posts, or just reach out to DM us then please feel free to go see our DeviantArt, InstagramTwitter, or even our Youtube.

Champion Edition Disclaimer/Mission

A passage about the site and a little bit of what it's all about.

Search Bar ( Site Search)

Located at the top of the page you can type in anything you want to find on the site.
"The search bar crawls (catalogues site content) at least once a week so if you want a more direct way to find things you might be able to get it by using this. We include it on every page except for the ones that have search fields already like CHARS and GAMES."



back to the top or to the top

If you see these they will always lead you towards the top of the page you are on to the pages menu. (Not the very top)

Any System link (Arcade, PlayStation, Xbox etc, etc)

By clicking on a red System link on any of the Game pages will lead you to where the game is located on the Systems page.
"Don't worry if you accidentally click on one and takes you off the game page. By pressing back on your browser or if you click on the games name on the Systems page it will bring you right back to that Game's page."

Any red links on character names (Ryu, Ken, etc.)

When a character name is in red and is clickable it will always lead you to that character's profile.


FOOTER (Bottom of every page)

Shoryu- to the top (Show you to the top) and button command graphic

By clicking on either the text or the button command graphic you will be brought to the very top of the page.

Contact Webmaster

By clicking 'Webmaster' This will lead you to the same place as evelope icon at the top.

Update Log (Site Updates)

This is a running list of general things added to the site daily.



Zoom Issues (Site is too large for mobile device)

"Though this site is prominently a desktop/laptop experience it has been built to be lightly responsive. There are however some devices that will still automatically try to radically adjust its scale making it troublesome to navigate the site. Turning your phone to Landscape while viewing may help."

Items on page seem to be in strange places

"You might notice an issue similar to this if you have visited us before.  Sometimes clearing the cache in your browser then reloading the page will fix this. "

CHARS (Street Fighter Characters)

We have a long way to go on this one. On these page there is a table to search for individual profiles of Street Fighters and other characters who share their universe.
"We keep it simple showing you basic stats, a summary, a sprite from each major game appearance, music, 3-4 sound fxs, and a few images."

This is an exampe of the sub-menu that's on each character page.  By clicking on a word it will Jump you to that section.  On every section there is a Back to the Top link so that you can go right back to this menu quickly if you so choose.  Getting used to this will cut out you having to scroll on computer or on mobile if you want to navigate quickly.  Character List/Here Comes A New Challenger will always lead you to the bottom of the page where a scroll left and right Character list is located in case you don't want to go back to the main CHARS page from the Character you were looking at.

Feel free to contact us on Instagram or Twitter if there's anything you want to ask. Thanks for stopping by!
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