6/13/21 - 1 scan for Saturday Night Slammasters and 2 for SF2 in S.W.A.T.Pro '93
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"Set in post SFV. Juri takes a companion (non-romance) and travels through a world that has an uncertain future. Will Juri change for the better due to her partner's influence? Or will she wind up with "a bleak and tragic" destiny as warned by Rose? Other characters from the SF universe will make appearances throughout. Rated M due to graphic fight scenes."

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A 6 Step Combo for the Future-Past

  "Welcome, fighter!  Today is a general post about how we at SFWoWR like to get ourselves good and Hyper before playing any game that is from a gen system we're not familiar with.  You can apply these steps to old school SF as well as any game you want to focus on.  Is it necessary?  No, but it's just a fun habit we'd like to share.  With so many wonderful titles coming out all the time, there are others who haven't got the chance yet to try some of the classics and we'd like to give you a taste of the past.  This little setup is not just to enjoy an old game someone referred to you or for curiosity's sake, but also because, in a way, you can project your thoughts back in time.  Heavy stuff!  Now even if you don't end up fully understanding the experience it's okay.   It's the effort to appreciate a game or subject you want to try that counts.  With these easy steps as a jumping off point along with that wonderful imagination of yours, you can make this journey as long and as detailed as you wish, but we're going to give you a Turbo fast process to blaze through it.  You ready, time traveler?  Ok! 

1. Find out what year the particular game came out. [Wikipedia]

2. Look up the top music (songs) for that year. [Billboard Top 100]

3. Throw one on or a playlist of them in the background while you look up the next step.

4. Find a most basic list of what was hot that year in movies, tv, news, fashion, food, toys, merchandise, etc. and just skim it.  It's fine to just look at the pics. And it's more than ok to laugh or cringe.  Even those of us who were there can chuckle at some of it too.

5. Next hit the search for that game (watch out for spoilers, warrior!) and look solely for what would be the predecessor of that title.  [As an example, one game that could be a parental influence to the original Street Fighter (1987) was Karate Champ (1984).]  

6. Finally, once you found it then put it's name into YouTube (might want to pause that old music you're jamming to) and take a glance at a gameplay clip of it.

That's it!  You now have a primed mindset to try something out of your usual time table.  When you play the game whether you liked it or not, hey, you gave it its due.  And guess what?  This can also work for older folks who want to try getting in the mindset for newer games!  Then old and young will be enjoying each others fondness and memories for gaming.  And that sounds just Perfect to us.  

If you decided to try out our 6 step Combo and liked it let us know here!  Or through our secondary e-mail here.  We'd love to hear from you!

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Falling Wayback by SFWoWR.com
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Yeah we ended up getting lost in the internet archives.  It happens.  We know how you feel now if you've ever done the same.  If not, then come closer our friend.  This here post is just a snippet about this kinda thing so you too can have a peak to pique your interest.  It all started when we got a bit nosey and decided to look Wayback at some of these online snapshots just to see what the house of Street Fighter was up to during those early days.  More specifically, we were hunting for the official site of its arcade division.  The first entry that we tripped over was archived by Wayback Machine for Capcom's main site which starts at December 22, 1996.  Here you can branch off to 4 sibling sites including Capcom Coin-Op (12-20-96), Capcom Entertainment (09-09-2001), Capcom of Japan (12-06-98), and Capcom Asia (12-05-98).  Though, if you follow the link trail, it switches to its Capcom's domain on page click.  However, the Asia branch actually used to be part of asiaonline.net with a "/capcom" at the end of the address.  Try to type in the first part of that domain now and you'll be directed to omniscien.com which is a company about A.I!  Woah.  S.I.N confirmed?  Neat!  Another quirky discovery was that streetfighter.com wasn't owned by Capcom up till around mid 2008.  From Dec 22, 1997 the site was host to a team of consultants called Street Fighter Marketing.  A business based out of Ohio that, at one time, was run by Jeff and Matt Slutsky.  Of course by now that business' site has moved to another address and the last time it was displayed on WayB on streetfighter.com was March 3, 2007.  But guess which page pops up after that date?  That's right!  A site about horses!  The Natural Horse Magazine loads up on streetfighter.com come May 11, 2008 and we wonder how the hado or why that is!  Maybe it was a crawling mistake or the equestrian publlication was interested into REALLY taking some of those showcased horses into "ranked tournaments"* (*btw sfwowr does not condone horse on horse violence)  Or perhaps they wanted to purchase the domain strictly from a profitable standpoint in the future.  Either way, 2008 might have been a good year for Capcom to finally pay up for that streetfighter.com domain considering the title they were dropping on the world that July.  We could go on, but this is just an appetizer of some of the morsels you may find falling down the well of Wayback wonderland.  You can keep clicking forward on the snapshot timeline if you really want to dive in yourself on each page.  Even if some of the sites have a language you may be unfamiliar with they can mostly be translated on google to get you by. Just poked our heads up with this light post because we're still down that rabbit hole ourselves, so we might see ya over there unless our Netscape Navigator starts acting up.


Street Fighter Alpha The Movie (1-24-2001 to 10-04-2005)
It is now a site called Street Fighter Alpha Fitness

Capcom's Nickel City (08-15-2001)

Just to show a few!
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