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  What you know about #FREEMVC2? You spreading the word, warrior? In case you don't know about it, that hashtag is in reference to a movement that was initialized by Maximilian Dood in hopes of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 seeing a new release among modern hardware.  Considering you're here we assume you already know what MvC2 is all about as a title anyway, so we won't throw up that Ruby Heart sail in your face.  Long-to-short for everyone else, it's very much one of the greatest fighting games of all time.  Below are just some thoughts/ideas we and some other outstanding folks have brought forward in regards to the future re-release of this now classic title.  So let us drop our stack of quarters on the cab to get some in real quick! 


Assuming the Standards 
Besides the usual Arcade, Versus, Training, Online, and Options modes, we figure the following 4 are already being considered when the project moves forward. 
- Option of up to 4k Resolution with Filters 
This would require every visual element in the game being properly upscaled to accomodate what has become the gaming standard for resolution. It'll take some time, but it's really a necessary "quality of life" step for playing on current and next gen systems. 
- Rollback Netcode for Online Play 
Any FGC member knows this is where it's at. This one is fast becoming the future norm for all fighting game titles online. Considering the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstaton 3 version already had this it's highly likely...* that the re-release will have it incorporated as well.  
- Cross Play 
In an optimal situation, the new version of MvC2 will be cross compatible across all major platforms which include PC, Playstation, Switch, and Xbox. This will allow for the greatest reach that Marvel Vs Capcom 2 has ever been able to accomplish! There would be more people playing this title than ever before especially in an online situation. If this would have to be a patch-in at a later date, you bet all the players would look forward to it fiercely. 
- History of Art, Sound, Events, etc. 
Oddly enough, there's not a whole lot of history documented out there about MvC2 and a ton of fans would be amped to catch a peak at just a little of its BTS. In similar fashion to how Digital Eclipse handled the History section on Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection there could be all kinds of ads, trailers, concept/finished art, notable popular events like champions and tournaments, etc, etc. included on a timeline that's all related to this great fighting game. 
Additions Within Reason 
Mostly for the sake of variety these would still take some elbow grease, but wouldn't send the devs through fiery hoops to accomplish.  
- Training Stage Option 
Can we have a small throw away opinion here? We want to get this out of the way. It's nothing major, but maybe the "Training Stage" doesn't always have to be the Training Stage, if you catch our drift? As a limited perspective from old heads like us, we'd like the possibility to select other stages and even an option for its accompanying music to be changed too while we lab. Not a necessity, but goodness it sure would be nice. 

The three following small sections we could almost see as a reasonably priced DLC pack (IF there was a call for it) to please both us fans and Capcom together: 
- Remixed Soundtrack and Audio Options 
Last go-around MvC2 allowed for SFX and Music levels to be adjusted separately, which was a good touch that most assuredly will be included in the new release. Along with the option for having all audio be either stereo or mono, another sweet sound that may perk up the ears of some heads is the option to select original or new remixed music tracks. Maximillian Dood (who already stated a ton of good opinions on MvC2's re-release) had even mentioned maybe they get those fresh mixes from their very own CAP-JAMS Capcom band. Of course some may stick with the old standards, but it's nice to have the option for vets and new players alike. 
- New Character Colors 
The previous versions all included 6 color variations for each character in its roster according to which button you pressed. These additionals would simply be surface icing allowing players to press and hold select (or start) then hit one of the 6 attack buttons to select a new pallette for the character of their choice. A nice addition that would be welcomed by fans and wouldn't be near as difficult to implement as a custom color selector... But, y'know, if they WANTED to put in a custom color selector we wouldn't be salty about it. 
- Maybe New Stages (Pushing Within Reason)
While retaining the originals in-game, but also providing additional remastered all-new backgrounds, it would liven up the entire experience of playing MvC2 for the old and a new generations. Seeing these stages running behind the newly upscaled sprites would certainly be a gas. 
Difficult but Doable 
These would take some serious planning along with a big helping of labor, but if the dev team pushed forward with these it would certainly make MvC2 a force to be reckoned with in online play. 
- Simple Lobbies, Search, Rematch, and Spectator Options 
Pretty much the small title says it all. Easy to navigate lobby system where you could set signal strength and distance limits. Letting players search for a specific person outside of random pairings would be an excellect thing to put in as well. Then toss in an immediate rematch option after a fight and the ability to watch other players go at it and golly that would just entice more people to stay on the game longer and publicize it.  
- Ratio Mode for Offline and Online Mode 
Without a doubt the original game mode itself will absolutely remain intact, but with the rise of ratio mode in online fan tournaments, this would be an outstanding option to have for both online and offline play too. Humor our amateur thought for a tic: When entering Character Select it could have a small number at the bottom right hand corner of every character's portrait. Then as you put your select cursor over one it shows their sprite and the ratio number under them. As you choose one there's a small bar at top that displays how many points you have left till 7. This would ultimately prevent you from having a team total that would go over the value of 7. If you want to see an example of these character points, here is Justin Wong's MvC2 Ratio tier list that has become a guide for ratio mode play. Having extensive knowledge as a god level player in MvC2, Justin has also stated that according to what the Damage Output option is set to, the ratio list would change as some characters positions would shift. We on this little site would personally love that to be a factor considered as well for even deeper variety for years to come. 
Here's us being dreamers, but why not, right? Dream along with us! 
- A Cross Fever Mode similar to MvC1 for Dreamcast 
This thought is definitely off the busted brick wall and it'd probably be nigh impossible to include for online play. But just imagine, an offline mode where 6 people (with 6 contollers) can go nuts! This would be a wild rip-roaring slugfest like no other!  Unfortunately to digress, this would be a substantial hurdle for development and quite a lot of time & money inolved for a game that's now over 21 years old. 
- Balance Mode 
Now we come to what could be considered by a lot of die hards as sacrilege; a mode where the character roster has been completely re-balanced as fairly as possible. Once again, it would have to be separate from Original or Ratio mode (lest riots), but we think this would open up a whole new world for the MvC2 community. Anybody could play it if they wanted to or completely ignore it, but the option would be there. The reason? Well for the first time in decades, since its arcade release, you'd be getting a balance that puts nearly everyone at ground level again. Of course the OGs are still going to have the edge regardless even with the re-balance, but there would be enough small changes throughout the roster that some new players can come in and hold their own. And we're not talking about completely new moves or brand new tech, just small tweaks everywhere for damage, for movement, for combo or stun, increasing and decreasing frames on some moves, etc. Don't come at us with the torches though, because this will never happen anyway despite it's an interesting bonus notion to ponder. 
Well there ya go! That's all we have to ramble about. If you agree, disagree, or want to share some of your own thoughts about what the re-release of MvC2 could bring, then hit us up on Twitter or Insta. Psst! We also do that DM thing, so just reach out however ya want! Anyway, till next set!



Bonus mentions: A physical release for fans - suggested by Hector @Gamer5501
Random character select (character & assists) - suggested by @JoelxOcean
A mode like Hyper Sftreet Fighter II where you can choose different version of characters from their appearances through the VS franchise and a ton of other suggesstions by Triple K.O.