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June 29, 2022
TV FGC Interviews author of Mane Street

Rexon Max has a digital face to face with Steven Mane where he asks the lore master a number of pertinent questions revolving around SF.  It's worth a watch for casuals and hardcore fans alike that have an interest in Street Fighter's story from the internet's foremost theorist on that subject.

Bonus: TV FGC Facebook & Instagram. Rexon Max on Twitter.
Mane Street Blog and Twitter.

June 28, 2022
Survey for Capcom Fighting Collection

If you've played CFC since and would like to leave some feedback, Capcom has a survey available for that.  Compliments, complaints, general thoughts, or future hopes all welcome! 

Bonus: Brought to our attention by Mr Sack on Twitter.

June 27, 2022
A way to use Gill has been discovered!

Just as the title states, crystal_cube99 has dropped a video on the glitch to use Gill in the arcade version of Street Fighter III Third Strike. The video is in Japanese, but they include English subtitles [CC] for your convenience. 

Bonus: crystal_cube99's Twitter.

June 26, 2022
"I can't believe my eyes!"

The ever knowledgeable Street Fighter Verse weighs in on what they believe is the best Alpha.  Click on the link to see if you agree or disagree. 

Bonus: Street Fighter Verse's Discord and Twitter.

June 25, 2022
Last Chance for Submissions

Petefighter announced that the deadline for all fan art has been extended to August 1st if you want to be a part of the 35th Anniversary publication.  Head on over to his Twitter to see additional details in the post if you're interested!

Bonus: You can also submit through @S_FighterLegacy and @legacytributes.

June 24, 2022
Who might be in Street Fighter 6's Future DLC?

Street Fighter Verse takes a shot at who they believe might show up in the future.  
Check the descrip: "In today's video we will have a list of characters that should be included in street fighter 6 game. why you may ask ? the answers may surprise you...."

 Bonus: Street Fighter Verse's Discord and Twitter.

June 23, 2022
"Who you got...?"

An instructional vid that starts to walk you through picking your main when approaching Street Fighter V.  
MC MuraFGC states in the descrip: "This video is to give you a general overview or an idea about each character, their main gameplan, optimal range, etc"

Bonus: MC-Mura's Twitter and Twitch

June 22, 2022
Street Fighter VI Main Theme Remix

Showing love to Street Fighter as well as the original artists (Randy Marx and Rocco808) this version of Not On The Sidelines was done by Zaid Tabani and Mega Ran while being produced by Yon L.I.  Go hit it up for a vibe, warrior!

Bonus: Zaid Music Twitter, Mega Ran Twitter, and Yon L.I. (jackiemoonyosh) Twitter

June 22, 2022
FTV Slow motion Cody

On alb3530's YouTube, this video displays most of Cody moves from SFV using the Frame Trapped software.  You can find the software here and you can see the vid right below.

Bonus: Another more in-depth vid called Street Fighter V - Detailed tutorial on how to read hitboxes (Using Frame Trapped V)

June 20, 2022
A Jamie Theory on Mane Street

People have been talking a lot about the newest Street Fighter character, Jamie. He’s the first character in the series to employ Drunken Fist as his martial art, supplementing it with breakdancing to create a style all his own. He’s a very stylish character and everyone seems to love what he brings to the table. 
Bonus: Interact with Steven Mane on Twitter.

June 19, 2022
Fighters beware! You're in for a...

Asked by kaihihanto on Twitter, she encouraged fellow people in the fandom to list some disturbing facts (in varying degress) about Street Fighter then put together a vid which you can watch by clicking the link.

Bonus: If you would like to submit your own disturbing facts then click here.

June 18, 2022
Voice Actor looking for pixel artists
Shockdingo (a.k.a. Dave J. Dixon) is looking for artists/animators with experience in the CPS2 (Alpha/MvC) style.  If you are, and are interested to hear what he would commission you for on a future project, then please DM him on Twitter at the link below.

Bonus: Here's his resume and his personal YouTube Channel.
June 17, 2022
Developers want to help players find the path of the warrior

HiFight(ハイファイト) shared on Twitter some info translated from a Famitsu article regarding plans to get new players into not only Street Fighter, but fighting games as a whole.

Bonus: For even more info see full Famitsu article and enjoy an entire rundown of all the gameplay in SF6 so far here
June 16, 2022
Beautiful hand crafted arcade decks
Using different varieties of wood in the construction, Bueno Woodworking creates some stunning decks for arcade sticks.  Each one shown in the preview image above were hand cut from a scroll saw and had no dyes or colors added to the material. Head over to their Twitter to see the larger images of these great pieces.

Bueno Woodworking TWITTER >
June 15, 2022
Action Actor imitates Jamie's moves

Having tried his hand at all kinds of moves from anime, games, movies, etc. the actor/tricker/choreographer/dancer/model known as VIEL decides to tackle one of Street Fighter 6's newest kids on the block.

Bonus: VIEL's is here.

June 15, 2022
Staring a little harder at the New Generation

As we all know, when it comes to SFIII it's Third Strike that gets most of the praise.  But let's spread some love and head back to the first installment to gaze upon riiya's detailed video overview of its Mechanics & Characters.

GO TO SFⅢ New Gen: An In-Depth Look >
Bonus: SFⅢ New Gen: JUDGEMENT DAY「CMV] by riiya
Blog Spotlight
Patrick Miller

NEW ENTRY 6/19/2022
“How do I catch up to the ‘09ers?”

Post Excerpt:
When Street Fighter 4 dropped, I had been playing fighting games competitively for about seven years, which by then was a little less than half of the duration of the entire existence of competitive fighting games. Seeing so many new players around had me excited to ride the wave of my experience advantage; if it took me seven years to get where I am now, surely it would take them seven years to catch up, during which I’d be pushing myself to greater heights (and basking in the adoration of all the ‘09ers in the meantime). What’s more, I actually had a local advantage on Street Fighter 4 because I was in Japan...

Similar Article: "Why complicated fighting games are weirdly good for beginners"
June 14, 2022
AutoMattock faces off against Crystal_Cube99's 3rd Strike Trials
CrystalCube99 has released some extensive trials for Fightcade and veteran SF player AutoMattock (a.k.a. JiBbo) has answered the call.  You can tell even despite some tough moments that A.M. is thoroughly enjoying himself with these trials from Crystal. 

Bonus: Here's CrystalCube99's Youtube.  AutoMattock also streams on Twitch @automattock

June 13, 2022
Fan saves SF Browser Shoot 'Em Up
Strictly for posterity, Magma has uploaded a ZIP file of the 2019 April Fools game by Capcom to the Internet Archive. Feel free to check it out yourself!

Bonus: Most browsers should run it (once you extract the folder and double click index.html), but if you're having issues, we found that Chrome has been the most consistent one for us.
June 13, 2022
Early SF6 Review and Interview with Mr. Matsumoto & Mr. Nakayama

Wowr! IGN Japan's full article provides even more insight on the upcoming title! We're not going to waste anymore of your time; here's a link below: 

[Warning - In Japanese] 

Bonus: English translated page via Google Translate.
June 12, 2022
The writing on the wall
Tweeting an image from Street Fighter 6's loading screen, Cow and Lady & the artist known as Quasimodox share some of the names that were discovered on it via u/pixelhans on Reddit. Now others are pitching in to add their opinions on what other names they can make out as well.  No official confirmation from Capcom as of yet.


Bonus: Cow and Lady's Twitch and Quasimodox's Official Website.
June 12, 2022
An updated Street Fighter 1?

Top Hat goes over a fanmade project that refreshes the original 1987's pioneering title.  To have a peak at the vid, all you have to do is click the red text right below. 


Bonus: You can also catch Top Hat Gaming Man on Facebook, Patreon, Twitter and his other YouTube channel.
Hands-on with Street Fighter 6

 TheoryFighter gives us all a little bit of a preview about some of the gameplay for the new installment.  Especially about how the parries feel compared to past titles...


Bonus: He also has a Twitter for those interested.
Team Battle Mode in SF6?

 Is it true?! There seems to be an image on Skill Up's Twitter that shows just that! Head on over to see for yourself.


 Bonus: Skill Up also has a YouTube channel here.

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