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October 7, 2022
Gameplay, Netcode & Thoughts
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We just finished playing Street Fighter 6 for a few hours during the closed beta. The servers just went down so this is a good opportunity to give our early thoughts on the gameplay and netcode so far. There's still a ton of testing to go but the game is looking amazing so far. When the ranked matchmaking comes back up I'll try to get in as many matches as I can.


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October 2, 2022
"So who's it gonna be?"
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Voice actor and fellow Street Fighter fan Shockdingo tweeted out a clip of his most recent video project and mentioned Ibuki’s involvement Gill and the G File. We had a brief back and forth, and he stated that he believed that Ibuki was working for a client...


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September 30, 2022
THG on the Shadaloo Assassins
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Let's look at the secrets of the Shadaloo Dolls as we examine the history of the mysterious Juni and Juli! (Cammy White's Sisters). With Street Fighter 6 looming, it's time to visit their story. From their debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3 until their most recent appearance in Street Fighter V. Time to discuss it all!


September 28, 2022
Sidekick Ch. 16!
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Juri, Kara and El Fuerte head north to Sonora state, Mexico to meet up with T. Hawk. While traveling, Juri experiences strong memories regarding her family's kidnapping by Shadaloo from long ago..


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September 26, 2022
High hopes for SF6!
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Video description:

I had a chance to speak to a number of #streetfighter6 players at #EGX2022 check out what they had to say about the upcoming game!


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September 22, 2022
Reading "The Contender" by Steven Mane
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Video description:

Follow Steven Mane on twitter at @StevenManeVox 
and be sure to check out Mane Street for the very best in Street Fighter Lore Theories: 


September 20, 2022
Ken Theory on ManeStreet In Case You Missed It!
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Capcom has finally released some more information on Street Fighter 6. We got to see more of World Tour mode, more of the Battle Hub, and more of the roster. Blanka, Dhalsim, E. Honda, and Ken have all been revealed. 
Blanka has become a tour guide in the Amazon, E. Honda continues to run his bath house, and Dhalsim is being more… Dhalsimer than ever.?


September 17, 2022
The CONVOLUTED Story of Charlie Nash!
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Video descrip:

In today's video we look back at the story of Charlie Nash and how he fits into the Street Fighter canon - How many times does one fighter need to die? 


September 14, 2022
Zorro with Vega theme
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 A fan added Vega's theme to a scene from the Legend of Zorro (2005).

Check it out at the link below: 


September 6, 2022
Best Friends Forever Fan Film
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Video descrip: 

The second episode in our Street Fighter: Legends web series, this time with a few characters that haven't been explored in the stories very thoroughly!


September 3, 2022
UDON Entertainment

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Click on the image or follow the link below to see how to enter!


Bonus: You can also enter via Instagram.
August 30, 2022
Happy 35th to the #1 in our Hearts ❤️
  There's so much that can be said about a little arcade cabinet that premiered with pressure sensitive buttons in the bygone year of 1987 on August 30th.  More so can be said about the groundbreaking next installment and the awesome subsequent titles that followed.  We might even say, through the years (since that beginning), it has influenced the formation of an entire genre, changed the landscape of gaming, crossed over into all avenues of pop culture, and has impassioned & formed bonds between so many people from all walks of life. Yes, we could say all that. But ultimately we just want to say... we love you, Street Fighter. And we know we're not alone when we say that we always will.  
- L A V

August 29, 2022
15th Chapter of Sidekick!
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Plaza de la Constitucion (Zocolo), Mexico City, the following day 
 "Ugh, there's no way I'll have enough time to see everything today." 
El Fuerte wasn't available until the following day to take the women to see T.Hawk... 


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August 28, 2022
Style Wars: Kimberly and Isla 
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I think we should have the conversation about Kimberly, about culture, and the developers at SNK, and Capcom. I had previewed Kimberly when she was leaked a month or so ago. Most of my observations turned out to be accurate...


Bonus: Noe V.'s Twitter. / Our post correction thanks to #BushinryuAdvocate.

August 25, 2022
The Epic History of Yun & Yang 
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Big Daddy Top Hat has dropped another vid for you, champs!  Here's the descrip:

In today's video we look at the history of Yun & Yang, perhaps the two greatest designed characters who would show up in Street Fighter 3. Let's look back at their story an contributions to gaming.


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August 23, 2022
Capcom Light Box now Available 
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Over at IMAGE Apparel they're offering a sick looking LED lighbox for the Capcom fan in you.  They also have other logos available as well!


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August 21, 2022
A Tier List Made in Shadaloo 
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For those of you who missed it, Brian (a.k.a. Red McCano) from "How Much in Bison Dollars?" uses his knowledge of the American Street Fighter cartoon to create his very own tier list. Great vid; definitely a must watch for old school fans!


Bonus: How Much in Bison Dollars? Twitter and Brian's Twitter.

August 20, 2022
Street Fighter 35th page now officially in English 
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Dropped from Twitter, Street Fighter Japan announced the official translated page for English reading fans.  There's all kinds of info and art to marvel at on the site. Come join us in a walk thru of SF history!


Bonus: Street Fighter Japan's original post.

August 19, 2022
Premiere Episode from series by NeoGeoNow! 
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Here is the descrip from the vid:

Street Fighter Story Explained series Episode 1 Is here! Street Fighter is a series that is over 3 decades old. In this series we will explore the Street Fighter lore from before the first game up to #streetfighter6  
Let us go back in time and follow the path of the warriors from the very beginning in the first episode of the Street Fighter story Explained series, as we learn the origin of akuma, Gouken and Ryu.

August 16, 2022
Join PeteFighter for an SF Sketch bash! 
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  The graphic above by PeteFighter says it all!  Click on it or go here to see the original tweet and this is his Twitch.

Bonus: Pete also runs Streetfighterlegacy and legacytributes among others! Here's his linktree.
August 15, 2022
Silentscope 88 asks: IS #FREECVS2 POSSIBLE!? 
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  Here's the descrip from the vid:

Silenscope looking at a comment from Arcade 1up creator, in regards to wanting to #FreeCvs2. Discussing the possibilities of #FreeCVS2.


Bonus: silentscope's Twitch and Twitter.

August 10, 2022
Street Fighter 6 Article on SPIN
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  Brought to our attention via Steven Mane, this is an article on that's a good read written by John Chesler. Here's a snippet: 
As we’ve previously discussed, there are very very few names in video games as big and as culturally relevant as Street Fighter. Since Street Fighter II launched in 1991 and transformed the fighting game world, Capcom’s flagship series has maintained its spot as the king of the genre.


August 9, 2022
A Street Fighter Contra?
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  Pixel Cherry Ninja tries out a bootleg title that adds Street Fighters into a run-n-gun format ala classic Contra gameplay.  It was revealed in the comments by shinobody that this seems to be a rom hack of G.I. Joe: Real American Hero on the NES.  In a way, this may be the closest iteration to the USA Network Street Fighter that we've ever seen.  Regardless, this is a quick 10-min vid that's a neat watch.  

 Bonus: PixelCherryNinja's Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.

August 8, 2022
For the exciting new ninja in SF6!
Kimberly’s and Juri’s reveals after EVO Grand Finals have spawned a lot of emotions. Juri’s inclusion has been met with near unanimous praise. Even Aleks Le, Luke’s voice actor, couldn’t contain his excitement, sharing his true, uninhibited feelings with the world. [See pic]


Bonus: Steven Mane's Twitter.

August 7, 2022
Super SF2 Doc
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A whopping 1 hour long video about the New Challengers from Super SF2. Here's the descrip from Big Daddy Top Hat:

In today's video we look at the history of the four new challengers who would first surface in Super Street Fighter 2 back in 1993 - lets look at the back story of these four legendary fighters!

Bonus: TopHatGaming's Twitter.

August 6, 2022
Upcoming SFV Doc
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Though still a ways off, Twisted Rivera announces they'll be making a 3 part documentary video about Street Fighter V.  Here's the video descrip in their own words:
I'm working pretty hard on a 3 part documentary series over SFV before SF6 releases sometime next year. Leave suggestions on what you want to see, I don't start filming until Friday! (8/5)

Bonus: Twisted Rivera's Twitter.

August 5, 2022
A fan's pitch for FGs
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Fabio Vanilla fans-out talking about fighting games where, of course, Street Fighter is a big part of that conversation.  This is an enjoyable vid from a casual perspective that is worth a viewing!


Bonus: Fabio Vanilla's Twitch.

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August 4, 2022
All a Twitter for SF
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A huge fan of Street Fighter that always posts some very interesting content about the series. Have a look-see at some of their tweets!


Bonus: Besides SF, Shoto Gamer sometimes covers other fighting games too.

August 3, 2022
HMIBD New Season!
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Tackling the controversial topic of COVID in their meta, Red McCano kicks off "How Much In Bison Dollars?" new season ready to pull no punches along with a lil help from his comrade Dr. Ivo Solaris!


Bonus: Check out HMIBD's Twitter and Dr. Ivo Solaris' (Phoenix Sol) Twitter.

August 1, 2022
Metal Ryu
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A killer cover by Dmorbo that shows the artist practicing strikes on top of a boulder. Very Ryu-like indeed! Go check out the video at the link below. 


Bonus: Dmorbo's alias on YouTube is hector lopez

July 31, 2022
Dudley Vs Urien!
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A wonderful 2d animation from Brian Baird starring everyone's favorite gentleman boxer who shows Urien a thing or two!  (A thing or two being those hands)


Bonus: Check out Brian's Vimeo

July 28, 2022
Last chance to submit your Street Fighter Art!
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See the post here and you can submit through @PeteFighter@S_FighterLegacy, or @legacytributes!  As the image says, you've got till August 1st, so dash in to be included in this wonderful collection!
July 27, 2022
Sakura Kasugano: A Shocking Revelation
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A must read blog post by Steven Mane. Brief intro:

 Over two years ago, I posted one of the wildest theories I’ve ever done. It was a theory on Sakura Kasugano that claimed that the Sakura we see in Street Fighter V was a clone of the original and an agent of G. Based on the design choices we see in Sakura’s story, it looked like this Sakura was an imposter... CONTINUE >

Bonus: Check out Steven Mane's Twitter

July 25, 2022
New SF YouTube Series begins
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NeoGeoNow's first part of their Street Fighter lore series is up, warrior! Here's a snippet of the video descrip:

 Let us go back in time and follow the path of the warriors from the very beginning in the first episode of the Street Fighter Lore Explained series!


Bonus: Check out NeoGeoNow's Twitter

July 23, 2022
An SF6 Short
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Here's the info from MrGameNLift's Twitter post that lets you know what's coming in the future:

Starting an experimental series called SF6 Shorts. Basically smaller bite size pieces of info from the SF6 breakdowns I've done so far. First up shedding light on the new dynamic camera angle Punish Counter Throws.


Bonus: gamenliftt's Twitch.

July 22, 2022
Special 3-Parter!
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A blog by NoeV with an in-depth take on the style of our beloved SF.  Take a peak:

Over the last month I had talked a lot about the new, and returning faces in Street Fighter 6. I studied their outfits, the colors assigned to them, their nationality, and physical build. I did my best to try to figure out their roots, and fighting method, and share it with the visitors to my blog. In the end it reminded me that there was a style of character design that could be considered uniquely “Street Fighter.”

(Part 1  -  Part 2  -  Part 3)

Bonus: Author's Soundcloud Podcast and Twitter.
July 21, 2022
Matt Moylan interview by NeoGeoNow

From the video's descrip:

I had the chance to talk to Udon's Director of Publishing and writer, the talented Matt Moylan, and we talked about the past, present, and future of the Street Fighter comics!


Bonus: Pre-order your copy of the Street Fighter Masters: Chun-Li at: Udon's Store.
July 20, 2022
Street Fighter: Virtues and Sins
A new blog post dropped on Mane Street the other day! Here's a brief taste:
There hasn’t really been a whole lot to write about recently, since Street Fighter V’s story has concluded and Street Fighter 6’s is about to begin. I have bounced a few theory ideas around, though, trying to figure out what a good topic would be. I wanted to stay away from G, Q, and Ibuki because I’ve written A LOT on them, and they’re always my go-tos for article ideas...


Bonus: Steven Mane's) Twitter.

July 18, 2022
A Street Fighter 3 character analysis
Second paragraph under descrip by the creator ShockyD:
This one is a long one, my longest video yet, so you’ll want to grab a snack! I cover just what Gill & the Secret Society are all about, who the trio of investigators chasing Q are, what the heck the G-Gile is, analyze Rose’s fateful encounter with G, wonder if Gill & Urien really are brothers, and so much more!


Bonus: David J. Dixon's (Shockdingo's) Twitter.