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Big stand off 
on Mane Street?

Latest post about 2 big characters and how they could fit into the future lore of SF. 

As I’ve stated in previous theories, not every character has something under the surface of their story that can be exposed. These are usually the comic relief characters, like El Fuerte and Rufus...

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Bonus: Check out the author on Twittter @StevenManeVOX
Capcom TV 
More Capcom Fighting Collection footage!

New video that went live with additional footage for the hotly anticipated Capcom Fighting Collection! You can click the image or link below to go there. 

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Bonus: CFC topic lasts between 33:55 to 1:10:00. Video is in Japanese.  Closed-Caption setting, though inaccurate, may provide some general translation for you. 
New Patch 
for SFV!

Capcom has dropped the adjusted balancing of Street Fighter V's latest update.

Go to the Official pdf >
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Bonus: See Event Hubs coverage of the latest re-balancing here.
Different Mind Designs 
is looking for your input!

Head on over to Tony's site to submit your answer for a potential SF photography project by DMD.

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Bonus: See Different Mind Design on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
What if you asked, "How Much in Bison Dollars?" 
A Street Fighter content creator

This was an answer that we didn't realize we needed when considering the currency of everyday items and services, but by gosh here it is!  More than just the HMIBD question itself, this relates to a creator who delivers most of their content based around that query as well as other videos for your viewing entertainment within a unique meta.  If this is the first you're hearing the name of "Red McCano" (Senior Executive Vice-Senior President of Shadaloo's Department of Treasury) then do yourself a favor and check him out.  It won't even cost a new recruit such as you a Bison dollar! Until Lord Bison's policies take effect that is...💀

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Bonus: Also catch HMIBD on Twitter, Tik Tok, and Facebook.
SF 35th Anniversary Continues 
in Brawlhalla
Luke, M.Bison, Ken, Sakura, and Dhalsim join the free-to-play platform fighter come May 25th!  Click the image or the links below to see the trailer.   

Trailer on Brawlhalla Twitter >
Trailer on Street Fighter's Insta >
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Bonus: Here's the main site for Brawlhalla that includes links to where you can play the game..
Reminder before it's gone... 
Free trial for SFV on PS4 and Golden Week Sale
Playstation Store continues to offer a free trial of SFV with all characters (except Eleven) unlocked.  Also, Capcom still has its Golden Week sale on Steam with up to 80% off of select titles.  Both deals expire May 11th, so hit the links below to go if you're interested!  

SFV PlayStation Store >
Capcom Golden Week Sale >
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Bonus: Some titles in the Golden Week sale do include other Street Fighter related items, but does not include a sale on Pre-purchaseable content like Capcom Fighting Collection.
The Secret Narrative of Blanka Delgado 
By Steven Mane

Excerpt: As seen on their official website, Epic Games recently released two additional Street Fighter character skins for Fortnite. The first is Sakura, who comes complete with her iconic victory dance, Alpha 2 theme, and Street Fighter IV gym uniform. The second is Blanka, who comes into Fortnite with his backflip, SFII theme, and Blanka-chan doll...

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Bonus: Image is by B-いさか (@burning_isaka). Click on it above to see the original.
Capcom Fighting Collection Coverage from CapcomTV
A 20 minute vid where a panel showcases some gameplay footage from the upcoming title set to release on July 24th.

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[Video is in Japanese / Opens in New Tab]
Bonus: Though flawed, try to use Closed Captioning (CC) and auto-generate it to your native language for a general understanding if you do not know Japanese.
Blanka and Sakura Cup Celebration
On April 28, as a celebration of 35 years of Street Fighter, players will be able to get the Blanka and Sakura skins along with their accessories in the Fortnite item shop.

Click here for video >
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Bonus: Here's the official page for more info.
Capcom Motion Capture On-site Interview
Showing off some work from the actors and operators when capturing motion for their games including some footage on Street Fighter!

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Bonus: Here's part #1 if you want to watch it.
New Street Fighter III Doc by SonicKick on YouTube
A wonderful new video about the history of SF3 is online!  Whether you're a Street Fighter veteran or are just curious about this installment in the franchise, we'd highly recommend you giving it a watch, warrior.

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Bonus: You can also find SonicKick on Twitter and Twitch.
Capcom Fighting Collection Bonus Music Tracks Preview
Here is a brief video of the 8 tracks by CAP-JAMS coming June 24th in the collection!

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Bonus: Also released is a little behind the scenes interview with 2 members of the official band which you can see here.
Street Fighter V collab - KOF All Star Survey
In the crossover event for KOF All Star (lasting from 3/24 to 4/19), if you have hands-on experience with it, there's an official survey on the netmarble forum you can feel free to fill out to let them know what you think.  In our opinion, we personally consider any positive feedback on this title a bonus for potential future endeavors between these 2 companies.  I mean, we're not saying with enough good player comments this could even have a small trickle down effect outside of this leading to something like a Capcom Vs SNK 3, but... Yeah, you know what?  We'll fill it out anyway with that in mind too.


Bonus: 500 Rubies Coupon if you haven't claimed it yet.
Capcom Fighting Collection Pre-Order Availaible Now!
You'll get 18 special music tracks and additional artwork when you purchase Capcom Fighting Collection before June 24th or upon release (for a limited time).  Available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, & Steam.
Note from Capcom: PlayStation 4 pre-orders are only available for physical copies. The game will be available digitally on all platforms at launch.
See CFC trailer >
MvC Motion Stickers!
  Go spy on the Wavestore @ Etsy to see these wonderful fanmade Marvel Vs Capcom stickers along with some other SF themed merch!
The seller also has a Twitter if you want to hit that up too.

Live Sets Show!
  If you're like us and happened to miss the near 10 hour long stream when it aired 😬, here's a link for you to review:


The Final Round Has Begun!
  Available for update on PS4 and Steam, so get ready to throw hands!

Patch Notes Regarding Update! 
It was announced on the official Street Fighter Twitter that the Adjustments in SFV are up for your perusal!  Here's a link to the full pdf if you want to get there quicker.
Bonus: MC MuraFGC video on Patch Notes.

Kanzuki Estate on Mane Street! 
The newest lore theory post by Steven Mane is online for you story-hungry warriors out there!  Read on for a quick excerpt to get you started:

When I was still making videos on YouTube, one of the videos I made ended with the idea of an entire video based around the idea of Karin being in a Street Fighter spinoff horror game. That video was “Speculation: How Much Do M. Bison’s Black Moons Cost?” It was the final video I made on Street Fighter theories before I moved into food reviews, and then, eventually, I stopped doing videos altogether. 
That video was made five years ago. In that time, the idea of Karin being in a horror game has never left me...


Trailer for New Battle Balance Update! 

Will also include Cel Shading Filter, Pixel Filter, New Tracksuit Colors, and CAP-JAMS Remixes In-Game!

More roster rumors about SF6!

In the Youtube video by AndyLO2, they toy with the idea that the tweet from @banjoplaysbanjo shows some of the returning characters in Street Fighter's future tile.  Is it legit?  Is it fabricated? Either way it's fun to theorize!

Submit your Street Fighter Art!

See the post here and you can submit through @PeteFighter@S_FighterLegacy, or @legacytributes!  As the image says, you've got till June 30th, so dash in to be included in this wonderful collection!

What Happened to Luke?: Analyzing the Street Fighter 6 Trailer!

The lastest blog post from Steven Mane is online.  If you're itching for another lore theory here's a little bit to get you started:

Street Fighter 6 has been officially announced by Capcom, and there’s some excitement regarding the brief trailer that was presented shortly after the season finale of the 2021 Capcom Pro tour. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is: 
The entire trailer takes about 40 seconds, and in that time, we’re introduced to redesigned characters and a redesigned logo. However, we also have enough information to make an educated guess as to where the story is going to go. 
And it looks like it’s going to get dark.

Street Fighter 6 Teaser!

It's here! Watch the trailer above and/or go to the link to check out the site!

SF6 Official Page

New Collection for Capcom Fighters!

Set your date for June 24, 2022, because a brand new collection feauturing many fan favorite titles is coming to Steam, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One!  Darkstalkers, Night Warriors, Vampire Savior, Vampire Hunter 2 Vampire Savior 2, Red Earth, Cyberbots, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Hyper Street Fighter II, and Super Gem Fighter Minimix? Oh my! Meanwhile, here's some links:

Official Page
Announcement Trailer

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