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Pre-order the Secret Lair x Street Fighter Cards

On the official Street Fighter Twitter it's been announced you can pre-order this card set as well as the foil variants between now and 9am Pacific on March 16th.  They're going quick, so get there, warrior!

Bonus: Article by Game Informer

Mobile crossover of Street Fighter and King of Fighters

It's been revealed that SF and KoF will be colliding in a new update on the game King of Fighters All Star!  Here's a video about it as well as the official Netmarble site where there's an in-game coupon code for 500 rubies.

IGN's article about cards in MTG's Secret Lair featuring Street Fighter

Last year Wizards of the Coast announced a Magic: The Gathering crossover with Street Fighter, and today we’ve got the first official look at the eight cards that will be part of that Secret Lair drop...


Street Fighter World Exhibition

Running from February 10th to March 27th 2022, the venue is a celebration of all things Street Fighter!  Go check out their very cool site to see more info and images.  
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Here's a preview of the latest Mane Street post by Steven Mane if you haven't caught it yet:

Near the end of 2021, Street Fighter V director Takayuki Nakayama shared information with Twitter user Io Housenka regarding some of the lore surrounding Neo Shadaloo. While I did share the original tweet on my own account, since it’s entirely in Japanese, it’s impossible to translate correctly unless you can read Japanese...


SuperCombo.GG's article about MvC2

Posted on the SuperCombo site by Shiburizu, the article relays the interview of the director for the new independent film revolving around the milestone game that is Marvel Vs Capcom 2. More specifically, the title's community.  For those of you who are curious, you can find (Director) Romneto's YouTube here as well as his Twitter and Patreon

Ranking SF2 Characters!
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  Sankaku Complex has posted a page about Net Lab's poll regarding the most popular Street Fighter II characters.  Here's an excerpt from the site:

"Japanese website Net Lab has acknowledged the influence and impact that Street Fighter II has had on future fighting games and has created a ranking to find out one vital question: the most popular character from the revered entry... 


A new G pulls onto Mane Street!

Here is the first paragraph to give you a sampling of the full post:

"G has unquestionably been the biggest influence on my blog and theories. He’s involved in so many characters’ stories that it’s clear that I feel he’s more than just a minor character. Based on the lore, he has connections to Rashid, Menat, Rose, Gill, Dan, Hakan, Elena, Ibuki, Oro, and Q (and by proximity to Q, Crimson Viper). He has potential connections to Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, the Shadaloo Dolls, Bison, Vega, Cody, Necalli, Luke, and pretty much every other character in the series. Street Fighter 6 is almost guaranteed to feature G front and center in the story, and if Capcom plays their cards right, they will produce one of the greatest and most unsettling stories in fighting game history, if not gaming history. All signs point to Capcom creating an epic Street Fighter story that promises to be every bit as engaging as Neon Genesis Evangelion or, as I see over and over again, Hunter X Hunter’s Chimera Ant arc (I have never watched the series, so I’ll take everyone’s word for it)."

CONTINUE READING "The More Complete G Lore Primer" >

Also check out the author on Twitter @StevenManeVox
DrawingGent's Etsy Shop now online!

Click the image or the link here to check out some of their stuff. [Opens in New Tab]
FanHome Street Fighter Subscription Box #4 Review

From description: "FanHome is offering a new Street Fighter subscription service with highly detailed and painted figurines inspired from the Capcom video game/arcade franchise. In the video, we have an in-depth look at the brochures and magazines that are included in this box, as well as the figurines. So go check that out." [Opens in New Tab]
Article on Event Hubs about Street Fighter's 35th!

Below is just a brief excerpt from the post on Event Hubs by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills following the official Street Fighter post on Twitter.  Looking back at the beginning as well as pondering what will happen this year for the future of the series, Event Hubs offers some thoughts leading up to Street Fighter's birthday this August.

Street Fighter 2 may have started the fighting game community as we know it, but none of us would be here without the original. 
The Street Fighter series is celebrating its 35th anniversary here in 2022, and Capcom certainly has some fun stuff up their sleeves for the milestone, starting out with a new logo. 
When it hit the arcades all the way back in 1987, Street Fighter introduced the world to Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Hadokens, Shoryukens, directional special inputs in general and so much more. 
The series progenitor was also a very different beast than what most first experienced with SF2 since the Shotos were the only playable fighters (with the rest being computer controlled only). 
Moreover, the "Deluxe" arcade cabinets only featured 1 punch and 1 kick button that would determine the strength of the attack depending on how hard they were pressed. 



(Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills' Twitter)

Street Fighter makes the cut in the Top 100 Video Games of All Time!

On IGN's newly refreshed list, our favorite franchise earns a spot among some of the greatest games out there!  To be more specific, Street Fighter II does, coming in ranked (appropriately) at number 22.

Here's a link to the main article if you wish to see all the other titles or if you just want to see a snapshot of Street Fighter II's inclusion... 👇

Happy New Year to all our beloved siblings in the Street Fighter fandom!  To a beautiful 2022 for you and your loved ones!
Street Fighter Psychosis' is Online!
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IG: @street_fighter_psychosis 
Directed by: @directedbystanton 
Story by: @seankohnke 
Produced by: @keyonslowly 
DP: @outerspacedaddy 
Production Designer: @scottphelan 
Costume Designer: Valerie Smith 
Stunt Coordinator: Shawn Beaton 
VFX: @townley_vm 
Teaser Colorist: @cameracam_ 
Teaser Editor: Sham 
Teaser Sound Designer: Jeff Hilman 

Ken Masters - Ian Rozylo 
Ryu - Darren E Scott 
Location: Ancient Fire

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Latest SF Post 12/15/21: 
Street Fighter II: Health Bar

With STREET FIGHTER II, PAPER TRAILS, Fabien Sanglard starts diving into the technical inner workings of Street Fighter 2 and the CPS-1 system it ran on as well as similar titles leading to later systems.  Using sheet images and other information from original development, this is a really close look at the game that eventually created an entire genre and it's certainly worth a browse.

Fabien is a graduate of Grenoble University who earned a Master of Science in Computer Science degree.  They have also worked for various companies as a Software Engineer, created their own company (Memset Software), and went to work for Google in 2014.  Fabien is also a published author with books related to the structure and game engines of Wolfenstein and Doom. 

Street Fighter Duel's Taiwanese Version may be a closer look at the upcoming Global release!
 In a Youtube vid by Scion Storm (watch here), the content creator casually talks about a few differences this Taiwan version has from the original. Mentioning menus and equipment specifically, Scion implies that navigating these screens and inventory is now an easier process. They also go on to comment about a few personal strategies in the game and even discovers something about a character that has changed from the previous version. As the Worldwide release gets closer each day, we look forward to seeing what other interesting things these players find about Street Fighter Duel.

Instagram account has GIVEAWAY for Pix Bix figures!  

 Petefighter announced on his Twitter that he will be offering an opportunity to grab a set of Street Fighter mini pixel fighters. Here's the updated post on Instagram with the rules to participate and the Twitter version if you prefer that platform. Winners are chosen the 17th of December.

STREET FIGHTER: Psychosis Teaser Trailer is out!  

Click image to watch on Instagram or here to see the Youtube video!  Street Fighter: Psychosis will release this year on December 25th.

OUT NOW - Rundown for the Final Character!
  Dashing at ya from the start, in case you missed the live stream for the Fall Update you can watch it here before reading our scribble.  Now in regards to Luke being released as content on the 29th, his Story, Battle, and Track Suit will be available as well.  As is known, this will be the final major update for Street Fighter V and will give a small glimpse of the future (of SF6?) with the inclusion of Luke as a character.

Gameplay-wise he seems to have some interesting mechanics.  In particular the speed of his projectiles and a back step that appears to be an imminent issue for grapplers or throw-heavy players.  It's going to be exciting to see what some solid players come up with involving his overall kit.

On the story side of things concerning Luke, Steven Mane is already getting warmed up for some juicy theories with just the little bit of info the Update teased.  We can't wait to see what he comes up with after Nov. 29th.

Post-stream, Capcom has asked, via a short survey, for any fans to leave some feedback on the final update presentation if they desire.  You can go here to take the survey to submit it to Capcom.

Finally, there's currently a sale on all Street Fighter V content happening over at Steam just in case you want to take advantage of the lower price point prior to the final update.  A comparable sale is also going on at the Playtation Store for you PS4/PS5 system users.

Whelp that's about it!  We're very much looking forward to how Luke fits into the SF Universe and seeing the variety of unique ways all you players use him as soon as he drops.  So till Monday, warriors! 👋

 Upcoming Street Fighter fan film!

 Brought to our attention by @PeteFighter's Tweet, Street Fighter Psychosis is a fan film by a Canadian production team that's going to be released just in time for December 25th!  Directed by Stanton Chong, the story was written by Sean Kohnke alongside the director with credit of story editor by Hallie Ann Jacobson. [Check out the film's imdb here for more credits]
As far as we could see, there have been no official details mentioned of the film's story, but according to Pete there will be a trailer dropping soon.  This will more than likely give us a taste of the plot when it hits, but for now here are a couple of links to check out if you want to jet around 'em till then!

Street Fighter: Psychosis' Instagram

eunoia's Youtube Channel

eunoia's Facebook

Director Stanton Chong's Instagram

We will include a link to the trailer right here as soon as we see it premieres!
 STREET FIGHTER II is up for the Ultimate Game Of All Time award!

According to the article on GamesRadar, out of a considered 1.1 million games or so the list has been narrowed down to 20 titles where the legendary Street Fighter II has made the cut!  In case you're curious on how they were able to judge and come up with this shortlist, here's a link to the article that goes more in-depth about their process.  As for the voting itself, once you go to the page hit the orange block that says Start Voting, it will open up a list of titles with pictures and a Vote button under each.  You will vote for your favorite title, then a runner-up, your choice for Best Gaming Hardware Of All Time, and a runner-up for that category as well.  Once you're done you can either simply hit Submit votes or enter your E-Mail, Name, and Country before Submitting Your Votes below to receive a free e-book.  Now we're not ones to tell ya what to do, but we'd like to offer a few elbow nudges and winks to go vote for our beloved SF2 if you want to. (PRETTY PLEASE with a Blanka on top!)  Voting closes 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST / 11 PM GMT on Friday, November 12th, so cast yours before the Time Over, champ!

 Exceed Street Fighter Game GIVEAWAY!

A video uploaded by GettinJigglyWitIt announces one of the games in a bundle you can win alongside a donation to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals through extralife.  The Street Fighter Exceed sets are unboxed in the video and will eventually be played on stream on November 5th & 6th. Any support or mention is appreciated and you could possibly win a prize while supporting a nice cause!

Here's a a brief description about the game from the video:
Exceed brings the speed, tactics, and variety of high-stakes fighting action to life. Choose your fighter and enter the arena. There are no packs to open or rares to chase get everything you need to play right here. Exceed Season 3 features fighters from Capcom's illustrious fighting game franchise, Street Fighter!

Click here to go to the Extra Life page!>

 New Blog Post on Mane Street! Here's the first paragraph to get you started:

"One of the hardest things for a lore theorycrafter to do is make a theory on someone that doesn’t have much of a backstory. Birdie is an interesting case. Even though he’s a recognizable legacy character, there isn’t a whole lot to really theorize on with him. He does, however, have one mystery to him that people have wondered about for years: why did his skin tone change from white in Street Fighter I to black in every single appearance he has held since? This is even canon in the games."

CONTINUE READING "What A Little Birdie Told Me" >

Also check out the author on Twitter @StevenManeVox

Birdie by Raydash30
Karin by DarroldHansen
Ibuki by Omar-Dogan

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Chun-Li and Ryu Charity Costumes

For a limited time between October 12th and November 12th you can purchase these costumes of Chun-Li and Ryu from PS4 and Steam.  Seperately they are 5.99 USD a piece or 9.99 for both.  According to one of the official images, Capcom will donate 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of these costumes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with a guaranteed minimum donation of 25,000 USD.  The full donated amount will be disclosed upon the end of the campaign.  

-Click here to see the video

Jessica Straus Signing

Via her Twitter, the English VA for Juri Han announced that she would be doing signings October 3, 2021 / 1 pm PST on streamily alongside other voice actors!

A chunk of the proceeds will go to Chris Ayres for medical expenses involving a lung transplant.
Go check out the prints and stop on by that Sunday to see the signing while helping a fellow warriror!  Head to the link below!

RIP to Chris Ayres and condolences to his loved ones.

Just a reminder, that as of Sep. 21st, all CPT 2021 Costumes are now available with its premier pass or $5.99 a piece including the surprise Ken "Falcon" costume referencing Power Stone!  Cyber Akuma and Ruby Heart are purchasable for Akuma and Rose respectively.
Here's a bonus video by Dani Plays about some of the costumes.

heck out the Indiegogo page to get an exclusive look at the trailer as well as some other screenshots & info. Please consider supporting this project along with us if you like what you see.  You will secure a Digital Copy of the documentary starting at just $20 USD, but with higher donations you will be offered even more goodies including having your name be in the credits for the film itself!  Then when the day comes to watch it we'll be right there with ya in spirit. So see ya then, World Warrior!

RIP to legendary artist Mick McGinty

Recently announced publicly by his son Jobey, there is an article on caringbridge if you wish to read the lovely post dedicated to his father.  For most of us here, Mick McGinty will forever be remembered for his timeless art of Street Fighter II as well as his many beautifully crafted video game, tv, movie, and standalone pieces. To name a few of his works, they included images for Superman The Movie, Flash Gordon, .38 Special, The Police, MTV's roll-out ad campaign, Adidas magazine ads, McDonalds promotions, visuals for NFL, Universal Studios, as well as posters for Jaws, Harry and the Hendersons, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Dragnet, Curse of the Pink Panther, and so much more. We wish him now the most beautiful rest and encourage anyone to give their kind words or share your memories in regards to the works of a friend named Mick McGinty.

See: His official site and Twitter post by VGDensetsu for more on Mick.
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Digital Eclipse Talks Remaster & #FreeMvC2

In case you haven't seen it yet here is Greg Burke's interview with Mike Mika from Digital Eclipse!  They discuss the possible future of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 as well as the influence the #FREEMVC2 movement has had on them and who else has taken notice.  Thank you again for continuing the great work on spreading the hash tag everywhere around the world, warrior!  You're making the difference.

  -The Masterful Producer Yoshiki Okamoto joins!-

  Here Comes A New Challenger!
 No matter if you were there or heard it through fellow members in the community, if you're part of the FGC (whether in a casual or a hardcore capacity) you have some idea of how an arcade cabinet known as Street Fighter II changed the world of gaming forever.  A title that solidified an entire genre and the massive following that sprung from its release.  Regardless if you are a 2D or a 3D loyalist or have never cared to even touch a Street Fighter title, there is some inherent respect given to SF2 that paved the way, by setting a standard for fighting games that continues on to this day.

Oliver Harper, along with a great team of talented people, are releasing the upcoming documentary called "Here Comes A New Challenger" that delves into everything that flowed from this beloved game's impact. There're interviews from all kinds of people who were part of its development, worked on its media, were heavily inspired by it, or are just huge fans of the gaming juggernaut that was Street Fighter II.  We're only just scratching the surface of what all is going to be in this film.  We may very well be seeing one of the greatest docs yet about SF2 and we're just Hyper biting at the bit to get a look at it!  We have no affiliation with them besides just following the @sf2doc on Twitter and Oliver on Instagram, so we're not privy to any inside track on what else is showcased, so you'll know about as much as we do about it.  Especially if you go check out the Indiegogo page to get an exclusive look at the trailer as well as some other screenshots & info. Please consider supporting this project along with us if you like what you see.  You will secure a Digital Copy of the documentary starting at just $20 USD, but with higher donations you will be offered even more goodies including having your name be in the credits for the film itself!  Then when the day comes to watch it we'll be right there with ya in spirit. So see ya then, World Warrior!