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Original Release Date
Arcade: March 18 1992 [JP]
heartbeat frequency
heartbeat frequency
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Ryu · E.Honda · Blanka   Guile · Ken · Chun-Li · Zangief · Dhalsim · Balrog · Vega · Sagat · M.Bison

Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition Portraits
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Title Screen
Select Screen
VS Screen
Here Comes a New Challenger
Ranking Display

Arcade: May 13, 1992 [WW] & August 3, 1992 [US] 
PC Engine: June 12, 1993 [JP] 
Mega Drive/Genesis: (Special Champion Edition) September 28, 1993 [JP], September 27, 1993 [US], October 22, 1993 [AU], & October 29, 1993 [EU] 
Sharp X68000: November 26, 1993 [JP] 
Master System: September 1997 [BR]

In Collections
PlayStation 2 & Xbox: (Capcom Classics Collection Vol 1) 2005
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows: (Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection)  May 29, 2018 [US], [EU], [AU], & October 25, 2018 [JP]
Arcade 1Up: (Street Fighter Arcade Machine, Street Fighter II Head-to-Head Arcade Table, Black Series Arcade1Up Street Fighter II Head-to-Head Gaming Table, Capcom Legacy Edition Arcade Machine, & Street Fighter II Big Blue Arcade Machine
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